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Prior to discovering your practice, fear of going to the dentist caused me to neglect my teeth. When I did go to the dentist I needed sedation. Now I no longer need sedation, thanks to your caring staff and a near painless approach to dentistry. -Amy 12/9/2011

Jon Campbell is an excellent dentist. I have had very bad experiences with other dentists but have never had a single bad experience with him. 12/7/2011

Cory was great! She was so nice and I told her I had slight staining on my bottom teeth and she got it all off effortlessly and gave me tips on how to avoid future staining :)-Crista 12/5/2011

I look forward to returning - I feel like I've found a great dentist and dental practice. Thank you.-DeAnn 11/2/2011

My daughter, Nichol, is a speacial needs person. I appreciate all the kindness your staff shows her each time we come in. Thank you so much. 10/25/2011

My tooth literally broke while I was driving home from work this past Monday. Since I was already in the area, I didn't call, and instead, just stopped in the office. Dr. Nylander (spelling?) is AMAZING! He is such a wonderful asset to your dental team. He got me right in, had a temporary tooth made and my crown will be ready on the 31st. My teeth are a big deal to me, and having someone so willing to help on a last minute basis was outstanding and beyond exceptional patient care. I refer and will continue to refer to Legacy Dental because you guys pretty much 'rock my world!' Thank you for the amazing customer service!!-Leticia 10/21/2011

Very friendly staff and pleasant experience. -Doug 10/3/2011

Love how informative everyone is! -Stacey 10/3/2011

Loved our visit. Loved the office and staff. The office was close, clean and had a good feeling. The staff and Dr. Jon Campbell were kind, patient, helpful, and answered all questions. I appreciated that they really had an interested in McKay. Thank you! They live up to the motto on the business card. We look forward to our returning appt.-9/30/2011

Dr Campbell and assistant made me very comfortable and helped me relax, I told them I was very afraid and had mscles tense and stomach in knots. They always watched me and my hand signal when I needed to stop for a moment. I listened to music on headphones, the anesthetic wand was great. I've had bad experiences in the past but this time two crowns went in like nothing and I can't wait for my next visit and two more crowns.-Gary 9/16/2011

I very, very, very much appreciate the entire experience I had at your clinic. Quick, easy and professional. I will and have recommend to anyone needing dental care. Thanks again, Abbie-9/13/2011

Your service was excellent i was nervous about the pain when going in but was surprised (in a good way) when everything was explained to me about what was going to happen.I was also surprised when i didn't feel ANY pain at all. your service was excellent and vary professional.-Ronald 8/19/2011

Dr Campbell was soooooo extra caring and took his time with me. He knew I was scared to be there and had a bad experience in the past. I am truly amazed at how painless he made my experience and how kind and gentle he was with everything he did to me. As soon as I pay of this ballance I will for sure be back for my routine work. He is the best dentist and I have seen my fair share! Galen Campbell ROCKS!!! -Stephanie 7/15/2011

very pleasant experience with doctor and staff. I will definately come back and recommend you to others. -Tonya 7/13/2011

I loved that Dr. Cambell didn't try to gouge me as an emergency patient. Instead of getting a new (expensive) crown, which is what I was expecting, he made an effort to rebond my crown that had fallen out, and it turned out to be a success. I was very pleased with his cost consideration on my behalf. He was also sincerely friendly and pleasant to chat with. I had a great experience. My only (minor) complaint is that I was in the waiting room for 10 or 15 minutes even though it was earlier in the morning and I was not late for my appointment.-Candice 7/8/2011

I'm a pretty big wimp when it comes to the dentist. This was by far the best visit I've ever had. I was very happy with the results. Thank You.-Kevin 5/18/2011

No improvement needed.We will recommend all are friends to your office and thank you so much for what you did for me.-Patrick 4/21/2011

I've had an excellent experience. They are always prompt, friendly, and I have had no discomfort despite 1 root canal and 3 crowns, without needing any oral pain medication. Facility is nice, and I feel I am recieving excellent dental care.-Ali 3/4/2011

Was very impressed and happy. They were able to get me in the very same day to deal with some jaw pain and able to figure out what was wrong by the time I left the office. Dr. Campbell was very helpful and professional. Office was very clean and Dental Assistants were very kind and professional as well. I scheduled a follow up appointment in two weeks and I am glad to have found a great dentist in Salt Lake City.-K. Young 3/3/2011

I love Legacy Dental. I have never had better service and care from any other dentist office. I always refer everyone I know to you guys!-Jessica 2/25/2011

To be perfectly honest, I am scared of dentists. That is why I neglected my oral hygiene. But Legacy Dental staff were so friendly and helpful that I have found a dentist for life. To have an in-house financing plan is great. I will continue coming there and before this year is over, all my dental needs will be taken care of. Thanks everyone for your help.-J.Clark 2/2/2011

Your offices and professional staff and equipment are amazing. Thank you so very much.-Shaun 11/25/2010

I really like how Dr Cambell took the time to let me know what needs to be done.He broke it down in 3 steps so I could get it done through insurance with the least out of pocket expenses.-Bart 11/22/2010

Our regular Dentist could not fit us in and your office was very accomodating. I am thinking of changing dentist. Dr. Nylander and the staff were very friendly and we felt at home-Brad 10/26/2010

Very happy, with the staff working so hard to find me the same day surgery. I love how they are open so early!!-Kati 10/20/2010

The entire Legacy Dental staff is always so friendly! Thanks for everything! See you in 6 months :)-Christa 10/4/2010

I'm usually scared to death to go to the dentist, esp a new one...I felt comfortable at your office by the end of my visit. I love the time that was spent explaining my dental health to me and that the dentist actually took the time to have a conversation with my about my teeth...I love your office, I'm looking forward to my next visit and I'm already telling friends how much I like it there..thank you so much!!-Stacy (8/27/2010)

Jonathan Campbell is the best. He alyays has taken the time to really listen and understand any questions or fears that I have. And his team is incredible. Most friendly girls in the world. They make and treat you like family. You do come out of that office with a smile on your face.-Amy (7/15/2010)

I always enjoy my appointments, you all are so friendly, and I like visiting with Dr Campbell, he is always friendly and caring. Thanks for good and quick service, I did not have to wait for an appointment, they got me in right away within 2 days.-Lilly (7/10/2010)

I had not been to the dentist in over five years. Previous dentists frightened me and were cold and lacked personality. This is a wonderful staff, kind, smiling, patient and very professional people from the time I walked in. I have have found my dentist and tell everybody about Legacy Dental.-Mike (7/7/2010)

Im very thankful for your company. There were alot of dentist that would not see me because i dont have no insurance. Not only did you see me, But you took me as a walk in and got me taken care of extreamly fast! Thank you so much.-Glen (6/17/2010)

I called in a lot of pain. you invited me down immediately, got me out of my pain and started working on me. you worked with me on payments terms. An overall perfect experience. I am no longer afraid of the dentist.-Mike(5/14/2010)

I have a hard time going to the dentist, I get freaked out but the doctor was great and made sure I was comfortable. I was very pleased. I have told my co-workers and family how great my experience was. I will be back C.B. (4/9/2010) 

This office and staff is amazing! I am so happy to have found a dental office I can go to now!-Ricky (4/08/2010)

I am so happy I went to Legacy Dental. I was even able to go in the same day I called for an appt. I love the fact that you offer payment plans. All the staff were so friendly and respectful. They made me feel very comfortable. They explained everything to me and answered all my questions. Best of all, I didn't feel any pain. Good job Legacy Dental!-Sondra (2/24/2010)

Everyone whom I met was very pleasant and helpful. People seem to be the emphasis in your practice, rather than money, and that is why I will continue to come to your office. Oh, and the dental care was great, too!-Nan 1/4/2010

As always, ALL of you were outstanding! That's why we keep sending our friends and familyto you. Thanks again for getting Joe in so promptly. Due to your concern for his pain, and subsequent lack of because of your work, we were able to enjoy New Year's Eve. Again, thank you all and best of 2010.-Joe 1/1/2010 

 I am very impressed with your service! I am a customer service kind of girl and everyone in your office was awesome!! Thank you for making me feel comfortable and "safe"--going to the dentist has always been a scary thing for me--I have a feeling that is changing! :) Thank you very much!! -Gisela (12/28/09)

I was so impressed with all of you. I probably could have and maybe should have gone to someone who takes my insurance, but from the minute I walked in I was put at ease. I have an unbelievable fear of dentists, since I was very young. Your staff and dentist helped me feel comfortable. Thank you for the immediate nitrous! It's the only way I can make it through a dental appointment. I will definitely return, and tell my friends about you!-Dana  (11/27/09)

I had a dental emergency on a Saturday and found that Legacy was the only place open. When I got there the staff was very cheerful and did not seem at all put out to be working on a Saturday. Dr. Young was wonderful. He explained things very well and did his utmost to keep me comfortable. I was very pleased with my visit. Thank you so much for being there when I needed a dentist!!-Becky (11/4/09) 

Everyone was great. I am sorry I don't remember names. I hate going to the dentist and I know I am bad at taking care of my teeth, but I was so relaxed and felt comfortable there. It was the best experience I have ever had thank you so much. It was also nice to be able to have a payment plan. My husband lost his job in December and he just started a new one about a month ago it was such a relief to know that I could have my tooth temp. fixed and know that I could also not have to worry about it costing a fortune that we just don't have at this time. Thank you so much and I will be seeing you all soon.  H.C. (9/27/09)