Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry is Possible.

Affordable cosmetic dentistry is possible. When most people express an interest in cosmetic dentistry they are often told that they need at least 6 or more veneers or crowns. With the fee for a crown or veneer being more than $800, cosmetic dentistry becomes expensive very quickly.

Affordable cosmetic dentistry can be accomplished by identifying the specific things that detract from the appearance of your smile and addressing those specific concerns. If one tooth is discolored, just that tooth can be treated. Or maybe you could do teeth whitening and repair one or two teeth. The key is to identify those things that will make the biggest difference. Inserting a Snap On Smile

Another thing to consider is that there are other ways to improve the appearance of you smile. Teeth can be reshaped, bonded, whitened, moved with a retainer, or a Snap-On smile can be placed. These alternatives are less expensive than veneers. There are lots of ways to do affordable cosmetic dentistry.

It may mean accepting some compromises, but generally the results of affordable cosmetic dentistry will make a significant difference.

Finally, we have lots of payment options to make sure that affordable cosmetic dentistry fits your budget.


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