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  • Monday 7am-7pm
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  • Wenesday 8am-8pm
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  • Saturday 8am-3pm
Same day appointments. 24 hour on-call emergency dentist.

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With evening and Saturday dental appointments and an on-call 24 hour emergency dentist, we're trying to be Salt Lake City's most convenient dental office.

We do our best to make your dental treatment as convenient as possible. We're trying to be Salt Lake City's most convenient dental office.

  • We are general dentists, able to provide a wide range of services including root canals, dentures, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, crowns, bridges, veneers, periodontal treatment, wisdom teeth removal, and preventive dentistry. This means more than likely you can get all your needed dental care in our office.
  • We enjoy longer appointments. If possible, we try to complete all needed treatment in a single visit. We have many amenities to make those longer dental appointments more comfortable. 
  • We offer sedation dentistry. That makes longer visits, where we try to complete all needed treatment in a single visit, more comfortable.
  • CEREC Dental MachineSingle visit crowns and restorations with CEREC. If you have had a crown, then at your first visit an impression was probably made and a temporary crown placed on your tooth. Then for the next two weeks you had to be careful with what you ate, and how you flossed. The tooth and gums were probably a little uncomfortable with the temporary. Then you went back and the temporary was removed (OUCH! or you were numb) and the final restoration tried in and placed. With CEREC we take a special kind of picture and then fabricate your crown or restoration using CAD/CAM technology and then customize it in our office. This process takes 15-45 minutes. We are then able to place your final crown or restoration at the same visit. No temporary. No second visit. This time-saving and precise technology can be used for 80% of our crowns and restorations. We'll let you know if it would be a long-lasting and good-looking crown or restoration for your crown, veneer, or restoration.
  • Early morning, evening, and Saturday appointments.
  • Same day dental appointments. "How soon can you be here?"
  • 24-hour Emergency Dental Care.
  • Located less than 10 minutes from most locations in Salt Lake County. Check out our convenient location.