Cosmetic Dentistry Checklist. How does your Smile Rate?

These questions are ones that every cosmetic dentist considers when evaluating someone's smile. You can use them to identify what things you might consider changing to improve your smile.

  1. Are the front teeth too long or short? With you lips relaxed andLip at rest your mouth open about a half inch you should show anywhere from 1 to 5mm of tooth. If you don't show any teeth, your teeth are too short. If you show much more than 5mm, your teeth may be too long.                                                                  
  2. Beautiful SmileDo your teeth follow your lips? The edges of your top teeth should follow the shape or curve of your lower lip.
  3. Are your teeth too far forward or back? If you have difficulty getting your lower lip over your front teeth. They may be too far forward.
  4. Are the gums even and symmetrical? Your gums are the frame for your teeth. Uneven gums can be the result of misaligned teeth or receding gums.
  5. Are your teeth too rectangular? The most esthetically pleasing tooth shape is one whose length is longer than its width. Teeth that are square look old.
  6. Are your back teeth at the same level as the front teeth and do they fill out the space next to your cheeks? This can be a little difficult to evaluate. But if your back teeth hang down lower than your front teeth, it makes you look mad or like you are frowning even when you're smiling. And if your back teeth are up higher than your front teeth, it can look like you don't have any back teeth.
  7. Are you teeth straight up and down? The area in the middle of your teeth should be line with the rest of your face. It should not slant to one side or the other.
  8. Do you show too much gum tissue when you smile? Some people consider a smile unattractive when more than 3 to 5mm of gum tissue shows when smiling.
  9. Are all your teeth the same color and are they white, but not whiter than the whites of your eyes? Your teeth should all be nearly the same color or shade with your eye teeth or canine teeth possibly being a little darker. Your teeth should be white, but not whiter than the whites of your eyes.
  10. Are your teeth straight? Your teeth should be in alignment without crowding any gaps.

So how did you do? If you answered all 10 questions correctly your smile is a perfect 10. Congratulations!! If you missed a few, our cosmetic dentists would be happy to talk to you about the ways your imperfections might be made perfect. Together you and our cosmetic dentist might also decide that your minor imperfections make your smile look perfect.

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