Do we accept your dental insurance?

That's a good question. The answer is, "Probably." There are hundreds of dental insurance companies. Those companies offer multiple plans. The plans change every year. It's nearly impossible for us to keep track of every plan. But we try.

A better question may be "How do we accept your dental insurance plan?" Because we work with patients with nearly every plan.

Here's what we'll do, prior to your visit, we will call your insurance company for you and find out how you can use your dental benefits in our office. If we learn that we can't accept your insurance or that we can but with some limitations we will call you prior to your appointment. We have many patients that choose to see us even though we don't "accept" their insurance. The care we provide, for them, is worth the extra cost. The reason that we don't accept every dental insurance plan is that some plan's fees are so low that it would not allow us to provide long-lasting treatment that feels good and looks great in a kind, safe, and comfortable environment. Luckily we accept most plans.

So, the best way to find out the details about your plan is to call and give us the details and we'll find out "How we accept your specific dental insurance plan" for you.

No Dental Insurance No Problem Flyer

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