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Emergency Dentists, Emergency Patients, & Emergency Rooms

Posted by Jonathan Campbell on May 2, 2012 11:21:00 AM

This week the New York Times had an article describing the problem with emergency dental patients seeking care at hospital emergency rooms rather than dental offices or clinics. Most emergency room physicians do not have the training or available equipment to accurately diagnose dental pain. The article reports that most emergency room physicians will see at least 10 dental emergencies a week. More often than not they are only able to provide a prescription for pain medication or an antibiotic. This presents a problem because patients that are addicted to pain medication can go to an emergency room and say they have a toothache. The physician has no way to confirm that they actually have a problem and so the patient may be given addictive pain medication unnecessarily to deal with the patient's addiction not to address a real dental problem.

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Dentist Starts Brushing His Teeth with Sugar

Posted by Jonathan Campbell on Jun 17, 2011 10:12:00 AM

What?!? It's true, but not what you think. There are many sweeteners called sugars. We're talking about the sweetener xylitol. It can be found in many 'sugar-free' gums and candies. It is a natural sugar or sweetener. Table sugar or sucrose is definitely bad for your teeth and when most people think sugar, that's what comes to mind. When the bacteria that live in your mouth are exposed to table sugar, they 'eat' it, and produce acid which makes holes or cavities in your teeth.

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Dentists in Salt Lake City Complete Halloween Candy Buy Back

Posted by Jonathan Campbell on Nov 10, 2010 9:34:00 PM

Just wanted to thank all those who brought in candy after Halloween to our dental office. We were honored to be mentioned in an article in the Salt Lake Tribune detailing our efforts. The article also had some helpful hints for enjoying candy and avoiding cavities. This was our first year and we were surprised how many people brought candy in. I learned of one dentist in the midwest whos dental office collected over 1400 pounds of candy. Our office was nowhere close to that, but with your help we were able to make a sizable donation of candy and goodies to operation gratitude. Operation gratitude will then create care packages and send those to our troops serving overseas. They have a great site with some very moving thank-you letters from recipients of the care packages. There were some that even suggested that the donations of candy save lives, as children are anxious to help them out as thanks for giving them candy. It's nice to know that children everyhwere (and adults too) can be bribed with chocolate. So thanks again for all your donations. Maybe next year we'll beat 1400 pounds. :)
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Dental Emergencies First Aid by a Salt Lake City Emergency Dentist

Posted by Jonathan Campbell on Jan 25, 2010 9:05:00 PM

Toothaches and abscessed teeth can be nearly impossible to ignore and your best bet is to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. However, sometimes it can be difficult to make arrangements to be seen right away. So what can you do?

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