Sedation Dentistry, Amenities and Modern Technology to Make Your Visit to the Dentist Easier. Much Easier.

Your comfort is our first concern. At Legacy Dental, in Salt Lake City, we offer:

  • The nicest and friendliest dental team we could put together. You can read our patient's reviews.
  • Television mounted in the ceiling of a dental office.Televisions mounted in the ceilings to view during dental treatment. You can select from some of the most current movies using our AppleTVs. This distraction makes time pass more quickly and makes for a more comfortable visit to the dentist. 
  • Headphones. The sound of the dental drill is bothersome to many patients. So listen to something you like.
  • Nitrous Oxide Relaxing Gas or Laughing Gas. We don't charge for this service. Most dental offices and clinics charge $80-100 for this service. We'd rather you were comfortable. Nitrous oxide makes you feel relaxed and maybe a little sleepy. It also makes time seem to pass more quickly. It is very-short acting and safe to drive after your appointment.
  • Sedation DentistryOral Conscious Sedation Dentistry. You take a pill one hour prior to your dental appointment. The first hour we make sure that you are comfortably sedated. This occasionally means giving you some more medication. During the procedure you will drift in and out of sleep. You will have little to no memory of your visit. You are escorted home by a friend or family member and wake-up having had a very pleasant dental visit. Hopefully the easiest dental visit of your life. 
  • Deep IV Sedation Dentistry. This is provided by our partner anesthesiologist. You will be completely sedated. We generally try to complete all your treatment in a single visit. This is a very safe form of sedation and excellent for children and adults who absolutely don't want to know anything about what is going on and for patients that don't seem to be able to get comfortably numb. You can learn more about sedation dentistry in our blog.
  • The strongest topical gel money can buy. This the stuff they put on the swab prior to numbing. Ours is compounded by a pharmacy in Louisiana. It works great.
  • Compudent Dental AnestheticCompudent Anesthesia . This is an alternative to the old-fashioned hypodermic needle. It allows for more a more comfortable experience when getting numb. It also allows us to numb just your tooth and not your lips and tongue. Two things make an injection hurt; the initial puncture and the pressure created by the anesthetic entering the gum tissues. The pressure is controlled by the Compudent Anesthesia machine. It slowly and gently places the anesthetic fluid where it needs to make your procedure comfortable. After getting numb, many patients say, "That was it?" If the numbing is not the most comfortable you have ever experienced, please let us know.
  • We understand that it is difficult for some people to get numb for dental treatment. We test each tooth before we begin working to make sure that you are numb. But, if you feel anything, please let us know. We will stop immediately and do whatever it takes to make you comfortable.
  • We also have extra training in dental anesthetic techniques to be used when a regular injection does not seem to work. We also can offer sedation for you.
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