Stop Getting Cavities or at Get a Lot Fewer Cavities

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you, in advance, to a new standard of care we are providing to all of our valued patients. We at Legacy Dental are committed to integrating evolving scientific understandings with the best new available technology and treatment options. We know this is just one of the reasons you entrust your oral health, along with the health of your friends and family, to us.

You can anticipate something a little different at your next appointment. We are now using the CariFree System, which allows us to better anticipate your likelihood of getting cavities. We can then make preventive recommendations, with the goal of lowering your risk of decay, and ensuring a longer life for the dental work you have already invested in and may opt for in the future.

Cavity Screening MeterThe CariFree System uses a simple screening device along with a swab sample of your plaque in order to measure the levels of bad bacteria on your teeth. The test is painless, takes less than one minute, and will help us to make a diagnosis as to whether you have the caries infection or not. Cavities are known to be caused by this bacterial caries infection. This screening test is part of an overall Caries Risk Assessment we will perform. This assessment will allow us to provide homecare recommendations, dietary counseling, re-mineralization therapy of cavities just beginning, and treatment of this infection, all with the goal of lowering your incidence of decay and creating more predictable results for lasting dentistry. This assessment and screening provides us with very valuable information we can now use to practice minimally invasive dentistry and reduce your time and money spent in the dental chair.