TMJ Disorders and Headaches, Bruxism and Clenching: Prevention and Treatment

TMJ disorders refer to a group of painful disorders and dysfunction of the jaw joint and the jaw muscles. Symptoms can include jaw muscle pain, jaw joint paint, limited jaw opening, jaw popping or clicking, and headaches including migraines. TMJ disorders are oftentimes the result of trauma, overuse, and para-function (non-useful or unnecessary jaw movements) like clenching and grinding. TMJ disorders are sometimes related to the way that your teeth fit together.

Once your specific TMJ disorder is diagnosed by the dentist, one of the common ways that we treat TMJ disorders is with the use of an appliance called an NTI-TSS. This small device precisely fits over your front teeth and does not allow the back teeth to come together. The NTI-TSS is generally worn while sleeping. The NTI-TSS allows the joint to be centered without the influence of the teeth and allows the jaw muscles to relax. Most people begin to notice a significant difference after only a few days of use. Learn more about the NTI-TSS and its role in headache treatment and prevention.

The dentists at Legacy Dental in Salt Lake City were among the first dentists in the Salt Lake to provide the NTI-TSS and have been providing this service since 2001.