candy resized 600Halloween is quickly approaching. If you're like me you wonder what to do with all that candy. In our house we let the kids eat as much as they want in 24 hours and then we throw the rest out. I know of others that include a piece of candy in their child's lunch each day. As for Halloween candy and cavities the key is to limit in between meal snacking on sugary and sticky foods. If candy is consumed at meal-time, it's ok. If candy is consumed in a week long-binge of between meal snacking, it will probably be ok. But, if candy and other sugary and sticky foods and beverages are consumed between meals, week after week, and month after month, you will increase your risk for cavities.

So what can you do if you've decided to to let your kids enjoy Halloween, but not overdue it. This year, the week following Halloween, at our dental office in Salt Lake City,we will be buying back each pound of candy for $1 and giving each child a free toothbrush as well. We will then donate the candy to Operation Gratitude. They give the candy to our troops who in turn give it to children and others in the countries where they serve.

We look forward to seeing you after Halloween and hope you have a fun and safe holiday.


Jonathan Campbell is a dentist in Salt Lake City at Legacy Dental.