Fluoride has long been a part of children’s dental appointments, but did you know that the latest research suggests that it offers many benefits to adults as well?

Fluoride makes your teeth stronger. This makes them more resistant to cavities, less sensitive, and can even reverse or heal cavities that are just getting started. Fluoride also makes bacteria produce less acid. Regular applications of fluoride have shown to reduce the risk of getting a cavity by as much as 75% and can reduce sensitivity for up to 6 months.

The best way to apply fluoride is with a varnish at the dentist. Fluoride varnish is a pleasant tasting material that is painted on your teeth. It sets in seconds and there are no eating or drinking restrictions, but you are advised to wait to brush for 4 hours. Everyone can benefit from fluoride application, but adults that are at moderate risk should have fluoride applied every 6 months.


This article was written by Cori Skiby, RDH. Mrs. Skiby is a dental hygienist at Legacy Dental, in Salt Lake City, Utah.