The FDA announced today that it will require more prominent health warnings on tobacco products starting in September of 2011. The images are disturbing and graphic, but all paint an accurate picture of the damage tobacco use can cause.

Tobacco use increases your risk of cancer significantly. There will be approximately 37,000 new cases of oral cancer diagnosed this year. The incidence of oral cancer is on the rise. There was an 11% increase in the reported number of new cases of oral cancer in 2007 alone. Early detection increases your risk of more predictable and successful treatment. Tobacco use also increases rate of decay, risk of periodontal disease, cause tooth erosion, gum recession and unsightly stain and build up. A oral cancer screening is performed by the doctors and hygienists at your regular check up appointments at Legacy Dental.

The staff at Legacy Dental is able to offer many resources to help you quit smoking. Please ask us about this information at you next dental appointment. It is important to us that our patients stay healthy.

If you have not been in for a while, if you are a tobacco user or particularly if you have noticed any lumps, bumps, growths or sores in your mouth, please make an appointment today.

Shot of a male neck with a hole in the neckShot of healthy lungs and very contaminated lungs

Shot of a mother holding a baby while there's smoke on the backgroundclose up shot of a deteriorated smokers mouth and teeth

Cartoon of a baby on a incubatorImage of a woman with curly hair crying desperately

Image of a dead body at the morgue


Article by Cori Skiby, RDH. Cori is a dental hygienist at Legacy Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah.