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Salt Lake City Dentist

Are you looking for a dentist in Salt Lake City? The dentists, at Legacy Dental, believe changing your smile, can change your life. A beautiful, brilliant and healthy smile can change the way you look and feel about yourself. Our team of Salt Lake City dentists and dental professionals will help you achieve the high level of dental health you need to feel confident in your daily life. Our patients benefit from the experience of years of providing kind, knowledgeable, and highly-skilled dental care.

The dentists at Legacy Dental are Jonathan Campbell, LaMont Hesselgesser, and Brad Stewart. We offer comprehensive family dental care, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and implant dentistry. We have many amenities to make your dental appointment as comfortable as possible. We also provide emergency dental care and have an on-call emergency dentist.

We also want you to understand your options and provide you with information and strategies to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. To that end, we have a dental blog and dental newsletter to provide the latest information about dentistry, dental health, and what's new at our practice.

We do our best to provide care in line with our mission statement. "Together with kindness, knowledge, and skill we achieve excellent dental care." This statement was written by Galen V. Campbell, DDS, the founder of Legacy Dental. We aim to continue that 'legacy'.

How Can We Help You?  

How Do I Choose a Dentist?

Woman looking for a dentistChoosing a dentist can be as stressful for some as actually going to the dentist.  We'd suggest  asking a friend or relative or the local branch of the Academy of General Dentistry for a recommendation.There can be some other clues and things to consider when choosing a dentist. More about choosing a dentist...

I'm embarrassed and worried what you might think about me because of my teeth.

Embarassed Dental Patient We care about you. Whatever led to your current condition, it's o.k. We became dentists to help people just like you. Learn more...



How much will it cost? Can the dentist be affordable?

We understand your concern about the cost of dental treatment in Salt Lake City. Dentistry can be expensive. We can help. Learn more about affordable dentistry...

I want a nicer looking smile. I'm interested in cosmetic dentistry.

Girl with great smile A person's smile is the first thing people notice! Is there something about your smile that you'd like to change? Are you tired of hiding your smile due to lack of self confidence? We can help. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry...

I'm afraid or nervous. I'm interested in sedation dentistry.

Sedated dental patient We offer many different types of sedation and patient comforts to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible. A solution exists to help you get the dentistry you need and want. Learn more about sedation dentistry and what we're doing to make you look forward to your visit...

Do you take my dental insurance?

 That's a good question. The answer is, "Probably." There are hundreds of dental insurance companies. Those companies offer multiple plans. The plans change every year. It's nearly impossible for us to keep track of every plan. But we try. Learn how we can help you maximize your insurance benefits...

I don't have time to come back for a lot of dental appointments. Can I avoid that?

 We do our best to make your dental treatment as convenient as possible. We're trying to be Salt Lake City's most convenient dental office. Learn how we can shorten your treatment time and the number of appointments needed...

We provide quality dental care

There's no need to be embarrassed about your teeth, that's why we offer state-of-the-art dental solutions including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry including veneers,and affordable cosmetic dentistry options.