Current Fees for Common Dental Procedures

We have many patients that call and want to know the cost of certain dental procedures. The best way to find out the exact fee to take care of your problem will be to have the doctor perform an exam, take any needed x-rays, and discuss with you the options you have to address your problem.

The fee for an exam limited to a specific problem and one radiograph is currently: $90

The fee fee for a complete exam and all necessary radiographs is currently: $249

If you already have x-rays, you can bring, and are looking for a second opinion and/or want to compare costs, we'd be happy to provide a complimentary consultation.

Common procedures (all procedures must be proceeded by an exam and necessary x-rays):

Cost for a dental cleaning (not including exam and x-rays): $50 (Child) $80 (adult)

Cost for an extraction: $132-412

Cost for a filling: $150-294

Cost for a root canal, core build-up, and crown: $1293-2492

Cost for a crown: $913-1199

Cost for whitening: $196

Cost for a dental implant, abutment, and crown: unable to quote without an exam and x-rays

Cost for dentures: unable to quote without an exam and x-rays

Cost for veneers: unable to quote without an exam and x-rays

Our fees for procedures are average for our area. You can compare dental fees and costs at:

How much will it cost? Can the dentist be affordable?

We understand your concern about the cost of dental treatment in Salt Lake City and we want to be an affordable dentist. Dentistry can be expensive. We can help.

  • We offer payment plans for your dental care.
  • In-office financing for those with less than perfect credit. You do need a checking account or credit card.
  • Up to 24 months interest-free financing and longer terms with interest through CareCredot.
  • Discounts for payment in full.
  • We pride ourselves in offering flexible treatment options. There are oftentimes many solutions to a problem in life, each with their pros and cons. Dental problems are the same way. While getting to know you, together we can decide on the solution to your dental problem that best fits your life. Further, treatment can be phased over time helping to control costs as well.
  • Our fees are a reflection of the quality and value we provide. We definitely won't be the cheapest. We don't think when it comes to your health anyone deserves the cheapest. Our goals are to provide long-lasting treatment that feels good and looks great in a kind, safe, and comfortable environment. Being the cheapest wouldn't allow us to meet those goals. We're not the most expensive either. We control costs, by being efficient and effective. Super efficient. That means you will spend less time in the chair and waiting for your appointment. We can even provide many dental restorations, using CEREC, in one visit that used to take two. That saves time and money. We use computers to automate things like sending claims and working with your dental insurance. We use the highest rated materials and dental labs and use the latest techniques and equipment that have a proven track record. That means your dental work is less likely to fail pre-maturely. That helps to control costs too.

So how much do veneers, crowns, fillings, root canals, implants, or dentures cost?  What follows are some estimates for more complex care.

  • If you need a full mouth rehabilitation and want the teeth to be permanent or non-removable, you can expect it to cost about the same as a new car. What kind? It depends.
  •  If you need dentures, it will cost about the same as a big screen television.
  • If you want cosmetic dentistry for a smile that looks nicer and your teeth are generally in pretty good shape, you might spend about the same as nice vacation with the family.
  • To save a badly damaged tooth or replace a single missing tooth will cost about the same as a new washer and dryer.
  • A filling-the same as a very nice date. You're picking up the tab :).

 Life is about decisions and we're always comfortable with the decision you make that best fits your life.

  • What about dental insurance? We accept most insurance and dental benefit plans. You are lucky to have dental insurance most don't. Learn more about dental insurance.
  •  Charity. If you really can't afford dental treatment, or know someone who can't. We want to help out. Let us know.