Dental Treatments and Technology

At our office, we continually strive to incorporate any new dental technology that provides a significant benefit for our patients. Ideally, this technology improves our efficiency so that the cost of the technology is covered by this increase in efficiency, not by an increase in fees. Some examples are: implants, oral sedation, electric handpiece, intraoral camera, the WAND anesthesia, favorite DVD cavity detection, microscopic vision, patient records, and electronic patient education

quieter dental drill

Quieter and smoother. Those are the advantages of the new ELECTRIC HANDPIECE. Gone is the loud whine of the drill. Plus greater accuracy and shorter procedure time are additional advantages of latest technology from Germany.

intraoral dental camera A small video camera called the INTRAORAL CAMERA lets both patient and doctor see better. Seeing what the dentist sees gives our patients more information about their mouths. More information makes for better treatment decisions.
compudent dental anesthesia - The Wand The most comfortable local anesthetic ever. The WAND has replaced the traditional syringe. Computerized, it delivers the anesthetic in the most gentle way, making the experience imperceptible by most patients.

Movies on the ceiling distract your attention away from the dental procedures. Headphones and nitrous oxide can "carry" you right in to the plot of your favorite DVD .

Television on celing in dental office
Diagnodent laser cavity detector

At Legacy Dental we use the Kavo Diagnodent Laser for more accurate early CAVITY DETECTION.

Dentist microscope

Better vision creates better dentistry. We use MICROSCOPIC VISION aided by fiber optic light to create more precise and comfortable restorations for you.

PATIENT RECORDS are managed more accurately using the latest computer technology. This includes electronic insurance submission and billing. This insures speed and accuracy.

Dentist computer records

ELECTRONIC PATIENT EDUCATION programs give you informative and motivational dental topics. Our reception monitor plays the "Smile Channel" showing you how to make the most of your smile. Each treatment room computer is loaded with patient education programs on every treatment topic. We want you to be the most informed and motivated patients around.

Smiling dentist