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Together with kindness, knowledge, and skill, we achieve excellent dental care.
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"I just slept through a root canal, a post-implant, and a crown. I don't mean just relaxed, I mean lights out! Gonzo. Asleep. Woke up and had to remember where I was at. I had no idea dentists like this existed."
- Tisha J. (Legacy Dental Patient)
Where Comfort Meets Expertise
We've developed a dental experience built on a framework of kindness and compassion.
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Our Mission

For far too long dentistry has not considered the modern way of life. At Legacy Dental, our aim is to provide superior dental care that meets you where you are in life and fits into your lifestyle. Through the use of innovative technology, personalized care, and an array of conveniences, we strive to achieve your goals every day!

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Our Practice

Are you looking for a top Salt Lake City dentist? At our office, we believe our smile services could change your life. A beautiful, brilliant, and healthy smile can change the way you look and feel about yourself. Our patients benefit from our years of providing kind, knowledgeable, and highly-skilled dental care.

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Our Legacy

We do our best to provide care in line with our philosophy: “Together with kindness, knowledge, and skill, we achieve excellent dental care.” This statement was written by Galen V. Campbell, DDS, the founder of Legacy Dental. We aim to continue the ‘legacy’ that he started and implemented so well.

Your Dentists In Salt Lake City, UT

Making a real difference to your smile.
Our Salt Lake City dental experts smiling on a gray background
Our Salt Lake City dental experts smiling on a gray background
Expertly caring for your oral health

Our team of Salt Lake City dentists and dental professionals will help you achieve the high level of dental health you need to feel confident in your daily life.

We also want you to understand your options and supply you with helpful information and strategies to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. To that end, we have a dental blog to provide you with all the latest information about dentistry, dental health, and news from our practice.

You’ll enjoy an avenue of open and clear communication at every stage of your visit. We hope you will feel comfortable enough to ask us any questions and view us as your friends.

Meet the Doctors Behind the Healthiest Smiles in Utah

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Dr. Jonathan Campbell

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Dr. Brad Stewart

  • Committed to helping patients improve their confidence
  • Implementing new technology and advanced techniques during your treatment
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Dr. LaMont E. Hesselgesser

Salt Lake City dentist, Dr. William J. Behlke wearing a blue shirt and red tie.

Dr. William J. Behlke

Frequently Asked Questions
“How do I choose the right cosmetic dentist?”

“How do I choose the right cosmetic dentist?”

It is said, “A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.” It can be even more powerful if it is attractive to begin with. With regards to your appearance, your smile is the most important physical attribute. If you need to improve your smile, you might need to find a good cosmetic dentist.

Choosing a dentist for cosmetic dentistry can be very stressful. Here are a few strategies to help:

  • Ask your current dentist about improving your smile. He or she may have been taking good care of your teeth for many years and may just be unaware improving your smile is a concern for you. They may have the skills to help you with your concerns or they might not. But it’s a good place to start.
  • Ask a friend, especially one who may have had some cosmetic dentistry.
  • Ask someone you meet who has an attractive smile. They might have a great dentist.
  • Ask another healthcare provider, especially those involved in cosmetic specialties. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons can be especially good sources for a referral to a cosmetic dentist.
  • Search the internet or use the yellow pages to dentists who are promoting cosmetic dentistry. If using this route, you might consider multiple consultations.

It should be recognized there is not an official cosmetic dentistry specialty. So hopefully, those who advertise this service have advanced training in cosmetic dentistry.

“How much will the dentist cost?”

“How much will it cost? Can the dentist be affordable?”

We understand your concern about the cost of dental treatment in Salt Lake City, and we want to be an affordable dentist for you. Dentistry can be expensive. We can help by offering:

  • Payment plans for your dental care.
  • In-office financing for those with less than perfect credit. You do need a checking account or credit card.
  • Up to 24 months interest-free financing and longer terms with interest through CareCredit.
  • Discounts for payments in full.
  • A dental membership plan if you don’t have dental insurance.
  • Flexible treatment options – there are oftentimes many solutions to a problem in life, each with their pros and cons. Dental problems are the same way. While getting to know you, together we can decide on the solution to your dental problem that best fits your life. Further, treatment can be phased over time, helping to control costs as well.

Our fees are a reflection of the quality and value we provide. We definitely won’t be the cheapest. Our goals are to provide long-lasting treatment that feels good and looks great in a kind, safe, and comfortable environment. Being the cheapest wouldn’t allow us to meet those goals. We’re not the most expensive either.

We control costs by being super-efficient and effective. That means you will spend less time in the chair. We can even provide many dental restorations, using CEREC, in one visit that used to take two. That saves time and money. We use computers to automate processes, such as sending claims and working with your dental insurance. We use the highest-rated materials, dental labs, latest techniques, modern equipment that have a proven track record. That means your dental work is less likely to fail prematurely. That helps to control costs too.

So how much do veneers, crowns, fillings, root canals, implants, or dentures cost? What follows are some estimates for more complex care:

  • If you need a full mouth rehabilitation and want the teeth to be permanent or non-removable, you can expect it to cost about the same as a new car. What kind? It depends.
  • If you need dentures, it will cost about the same as a big-screen television.
  • If you want cosmetic dentistry for a smile that looks nicer and your teeth are generally in pretty good shape, you might spend about the same as a nice vacation with the family.
  • To save a badly damaged tooth or replace a single missing tooth will cost about the same as a new washer and dryer.
  • A filling will cost about the same as a very nice date. You’re picking up the tab. 🙂

Life is about decisions and we’re always comfortable with the decision you make that best fits your life. Here are other options to consider when it comes to dental payments:

  • Dental insurance: We accept most insurance and dental benefit plans. Learn more about dental insurance.
  • Charity: If you really can’t afford dental treatment or know someone who can’t, just let us know. We want to help out any way we can.
“Am I a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?”

“I want a beautiful smile. Am I a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?”

A person’s smile is the first thing people notice! Is there something about your smile you’d like to change? Are you tired of hiding your smile due to a lack of self-confidence? Begin with our cosmetic dentistry checklist to identify areas for improvement:

  • Are the front teeth too long or short? With your lips relaxed and at rest and your mouth open about a half-inch, you should show anywhere from 1 to 5mm of tooth. If you don’t show any teeth, your teeth are too short. If you show much more than 5mm, your teeth may be too long.
  • Do your teeth follow your lips? The edges of your top teeth should follow the shape or curve of your lower lip.
  • Are your teeth too far forward or too far back? If you have difficulty getting your lower lip over your front teeth. They may be too far forward.
  • Are the gums even and symmetrical? Your gums are the frame for your teeth. Uneven gums can be the result of misaligned teeth or receding gums.
  • Are your teeth too rectangular? The most aesthetically pleasing tooth shape is one whose length is longer than its width. Teeth that are square look old.
  • Are your back teeth at the same level as the front teeth and do they fill out the space next to your cheeks? This can be a little difficult to evaluate. But if your back teeth hang down lower than your front teeth, it makes you look mad or like you are frowning, even when you’re smiling. If your back teeth are up higher than your front teeth, it can look like you don’t have any back teeth.
  • Are your teeth straight up and down? The area in the middle of your teeth should be in line with the rest of your face. It should not slant to one side or the other.
  • Do you show too much gum tissue when you smile? Some people consider a smile unattractive when more than 3 to 5mm of gum tissue shows when smiling.
  • Are all your teeth the same color and are they white, but not whiter than the whites of your eyes? Your teeth should all be nearly the same color or shade with your eye teeth or canine teeth possibly being a little darker. Your teeth should be white, but not whiter than the whites of your eyes.
  • Are your teeth straight? Your teeth should be in alignment without crowding any gaps.

So how did you do? If you answered all 10 questions correctly, your smile is a perfect 10. Congratulations!! If you missed a few, our cosmetic dentists would be happy to talk to you about the ways you can improve your smile. Feel free to schedule a consultation today with any of our expert dentists.

“Do you take my dental insurance?”

“Do you take my dental insurance?”

That’s a good question. The answer is, “Probably.” There are hundreds of dental insurance companies. Those companies offer multiple plans. The plans change every year. It’s nearly impossible for us to keep track of every plan. But we try.

A better question may be, “How do we accept my dental insurance plan?” Because we work with patients on nearly every plan.

Here’s what we’ll do, prior to your visit, we will call your insurance company for you and find out how you can use your dental benefits in our office. If we learn that we can’t accept your insurance or that we can but with some limitations, we will call you prior to your appointment.

We have many patients who choose to see us even though we don’t “accept” their insurance. The care we provide for them is worth the extra cost. The reason that we don’t accept every dental insurance plan is that some plan’s fees are so low it would not allow us to provide long-lasting treatment that feels good and looks great in a kind, safe, and comfortable environment. Luckily we accept most plans.

So, the best way to find out the details about your plan is to call and give us the details, and we’ll find out “How we accept your specific dental insurance plan” for you.

Don’t have dental insurance? No worries!

We offer an in-house dental membership plan to cover your preventative dental care with discounts on additional treatments.

‘‘We have had nothing but the best care from DR. CAMPBELL! We trust him fully with our dental care. One Sunday, a few months ago, he went on and beyond the extra mile by coming in to take care of our son’s bad abscessed tooth. We highly recommend him to friends and family. The entire staff is very friendly, helpful and professional.’’

Michael E. (Legacy Dental Patient)

‘‘I’ve had terrible dental experiences in my small town. I now drive three hours to get to Legacy Dental and it’s worth it - every time. They are efficient, kind, compassionate, professional, and honest. Their billing folks are top notch. I’ve recommended other people to them and they also agree. Legacy Dental is worth the long drive. ’’

Kristen J. (Legacy Dental Patient)

‘‘Every visit I’ve had has been positive and encouraging. I have been given thorough informative explanations whenever I’ve wanted to understand something better. All of the staff has been pleasant and friendly. It seems clear to me that people enjoy working here. The positive energy makes the whole experience less stressful. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to my next cleaning!’’

Robin-Elise C. (Legacy Dental Patient)

Shot of an X-ray of dental implants on a screen to show that these Salt Lake City dentists can restore your smile

Expertly restoring the function and beauty of your smile.

Male patient getting intra oral xray done by dental staff at this Salt Lake City dentist office

You can smile with confidence once again!

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Nervous? Your anxiety will drift away at our office.

One of our emergency dentists, Dr. Campbell talking to a patient during an emergency dental appointment.

Pain can't wait. Our emergency dentists are here for you 24/7.

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Flexible Opening Times

Enjoy early morning and late evening appointments (until 8pm) during the working week. Plus, we open our doors on Saturdays too!

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Online Patient Forms

Are you new to Legacy Dental? Once you’ve booked your appointment you can fill out your forms online in the comfort of your own home.

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Emergency Care

We offer both same day and “right now” appointments to our patients who need a Salt Lake City dentist now! If that is you, then call our office today!

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Financing Options

Whether you have insurance or not, we have options for you! We offer various financing solutions including our own in-house payment plan.

$69 New Patient Exam and X-rays
Get our new patients offer (normally $151).

Your smile legacy starts with a comprehensive dental evaluation performed by a skilled Salt Lake City Dentist. Our exclusive, limited-time offer entitles you to an oral assessment for only $69 including digital x-rays.

To claim this offer simply fill out the form and our team will be in touch to book your first appointment.

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Our dental office is centrally located in the Millcreek area at 1345 East 3900 South in Suite 116. We look forward to being your dentists in Salt lake City for life.